Visions in the Force

Butterfly Effect
Ty takes giant steps to avert the future he forsaw

Equator City, Rodia : Defensive Line
After four days of intense fighting, the defenders are severely diminished in number. All are down to their last energy pack. The tireless droids harass them at all times of the day and night. Many have gone without food, all have gone without sleep. The defensive line has dwindled down to small groups barricading the streets into the city.
Weary, Aiden, only surviving member of the group he arrived with, has befriended a group of Rodians. During any lulls in battle, he directs scouting teams to retrieve energy cells dropped by fallen comrades.
A small starfighter zips by overhead, through the pluming smoke & dust. It heads toward the heart of the city.
The haggard defenders look at each other, debating on if it would be wise to send a scout to check the ship out, leaving their choke-point one gun short. As they deliberate, AAT-1 tanks burst through the scorched foliage and open fire on the buildings and defense outposts. The tanks form a line and do not push forward. As they shell Equator City, a company of battle droids push in.
Smoke, dust & debris fill the air. Screams of pain sound out all around Aiden. He fires blindly into the advancing line of droids, yelling to his new friends to keep it up. Looking around, he sees that even his battle-hardened squad are disheartened. Some cower behind any available cover. Others attempt to fall back into the city, only to be shot in the back by droid sharpshooters.
A shell hits close to Aiden, and he is sent flying into the middle of the street. He finds himself lying face-down in the rubble, debris raining down on and around him, ears ringing, and vision blurred. When his vision clears, in front of his face are a pair of reddish-brown leather boots. Someone is yelling, but he cannot make out what they’re saying. As the ringing subsides, he hears a commanding voice say “Stand fast, proud hunters of Rodia! Push them back!”. The dust cloud is illuminated with a blue glow & the boots run in the direction of the droids.
Aiden pulls himself off of the ground, & moves up to cover. Peering over the edge, he sees a lone Jedi, Rinn Tarpil, standing in the midst of the droids, deflecting blaster bolts & severing the heads of droids foolish enough to come near. The Rodians look on, astonished. Aiden rallies them, and they open fire on the distracted droids. Aiden notices that the tanks are moving to target the Jedi. He yells out a warning & the Jedi leaps to safety as the tank blasts the area he was at, destroying the droids there. Aiden watches in amazement as one of the tanks is lifted from the ground & flies through the air into the other. Both spew sparks, and the second explodes as it’s ordinance catches fire.
Ceaseless, more droids move in from the jungle.

Droid Control Ship, above Rodia
Jedi Knight Fon Kluu and Padawans Tykano Ranthor and Kelzorn cut their way through squads of B1 battle droids, searching for a way to disable the systems to the long-range emitters controlling the droids on Rodia. Encountering heavy resistance from Droidekas protecting a computer array, Ty calls on the Force to use a Droideka to smash the system while Kelzorn and Fon deflect blaster fire and eliminate the other droid forces in the chamber. Ty is overcome as his master’s emotions are blasted through the force. He can feel his master’s exhaustion as he is battling back the ferocious attacks of the mysterious figure from the conference room.
The trio make their way through corridors, looking for a way to escape the CIS ship. Ty stumbles as a disturbance rips though the Force at his mater’s death. Elsewhere on the ship, the crew of the Republic Cruiser they arrived on are executed as the magnetic barrier in the hangar is shut off, venting the atmosphere and the crew themselves into space.
The trio of Jedi come across a Sheathipede-Class Shuttle in on of the bays and rush the guards. Once aboard, Kelzorn takes the helm to discover that the ship lacks a yoke. After minutes of deliberation, he discovers that the ship is voice-controlled and quickly sets to getting their unarmed ship out of the hangar and onto the planet in one piece.

Troubled Sleep

Opens with Aiden on the planet Rodia, in the capital of Equator City
Aiden, Militiaman from Tatooine, finds himself at a checkpoint on the hastily constructed defensive line around Equator City. Around him are the crew of the freighter he arrived on and groups of the native Rodians. As the sun rises, so does the humidity. The surrounding jungle is silent. Smoke can be seen on the horizon from distant areas of the jungle set ablaze by droid landing forces.
Many of the defenders are muttering about the Republic not sending aid after the first CIS attack, even though Rodia is a staunch loyalist.
Kam, the captain of the frieghter, turns to Aiden and asks, “How you holding up, farmboy?” After Aiden gives him a thumbs-up, Kam reminds him to “Keep [his] eyes open and shoot anything that isn’t fleshy & [he’ll] be fine.”
The defenders are sitting around talking and munching on bits of rations until loud, mechanical noises can be heard growing louder, accompanied by the crash of falling trees. Vibrations shake the ground and fill the air.
Shouts of “Man the line!” and “Here they come!” sound all along the defenses in basic, rodian, & huttese.
The vibration builds, shifting the dirt at the defenders’ feet & leaving their ears ringing. It stops abruptly. Silence falls…
A wall of blaster fire erupts from the tree line, some bolts find marks & bring down defenders, but most go wild. B1 Battle Droids march from the jungle all along the perimeter, ceaselessly firing. The defenders are vastly outnumbered.
Aiden falls to the ground, prone. He begins to methodically pick off advancing B1’s. Standing above him, Kam yells to his crew to stand fast while firing a heavy blaster pistol with each hand into the ranks of droids.

Coruscant : Jedi Temple
Jedi Padawans Tykano Ranthor and Kelzorn wake (in their repective dorms), each from an extremely vivid dream (the campaign “Brink of Darkness”). In the dormitory halls, the noise of a lot of movement can be heard.
Exiting their rooms, they emerge into a flood of Jedi each moving with purpose. They search for their masters in the crowd and eventually spot them. Jedi Knights Drex Onasi, Fon Kluu, and Rinn Tarpil make their way through the crowd to the Padawans.
Ty inquires what the commotion is about and Onasi, his master, informs the Padawans that Master Windu is mustering Jedi to go to Geonosis to the rescue of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and the Naboo senator Padme Amidala, who are being held hostage by Separatist dignitaries and scheduled to be executed.
Ranthor mutters something about it being a bad idea and the loss of many Jedi lives, but refuses to elaborate when questioned about his statement.
Kluu informs the two Padawans that the group of them have been ordered to assist the defenders of Equator City on Rodia, through negotiations with the CIS commander present. As open war has not been declared by either side.

Space, above the planet Rodia
The Jedi take a Republic Cruiser to Rodia, Tarpil elects to accompany them in a Delta-7 starfighter. Once they revert from hyperspace, Tarpil immediately heads planet-side. The Cruiser turns toward the Control Ship & is granted clearance to dock.
The Jedi are greeted by a silver protocol droid & lead through the ship. Onasi whispers to his apprentice, “Stay attentive, I have a bad feeling about this… The Separatists hide violence behind words of peace…” as he takes the lead of the group. The droid leads them down a long, straight hallway dead-ended at an open blast door. Beyond the door is an opulent conference room. Standing at the opposite end of the room is a large, cloaked figure staring out of the viewport. The being seems to cringe when emitting a loud series of metallic sounding coughs.
As Onasi enters the conference room, the blast doors slam shut between him and the others. “Oh my!”, yells the protocol droid. Kluu’s hand strays towards her lightsaber hilt, hanging on her belt.
As the trio hears the metal-on-metal screech of droids running through the hall followed by the rumble of something rolling, Ty is flooded with the emotions of shock, betrayal, & panic. His master’s voice fills his head. “Run!”
Before any of them move, a squad of B1’s round into the hallway and open fire. The protocol droid flys back into the bulkhead in a shower of sparks, as a stray bolt hits it in the chest. As Ty and Kelzorn deal with the droids, Kluu turns towards the blast door, studying it. After some deliberation, she ignited her lightsaber & plunges it into the door’s locking mechanism, fusing it shut.
The Padawans easily dispatched the droids. The group then determines that their primary objective is still achievable, Halt the attack on Equator City, and set off into the ship to find and destroy the long-range droid controllers.


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