Kaia D'Aismun

Member of the Mistryl Shadow Guard, partner of Kira Vellar


Age info; Gender info; Height info; Weight info
Hair Color info; Eye Color info; Skin info; Build info

info CL info
size race class 1 lvl/class 2 lvl
Force info; Dark Side info
Init +info; Senses Perception +info
Languages Basic, info
Defenses Ref info (flat-footed info), Fort info, Will info
hp info; Thresholdinfo
Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed +info(info)
Melee info +info(info)
Ranged info +info(info6)
Base Atk +info; Grp +info
Attack Options info
Special Actions info
Force Powers info
Force Techniques info (if any)
Abilities Str i(i), Dex i(i), Con i(i), Int i(i), Wis i(i), Cha i(i)
Talents info
Feats info
Skills info
Possessions info


Kaia D'Aismun

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