Lyra Fallon - C2

Force sensitive heiress to the Corellian shipyards of Fallon Manufacturing


The only daughter of Corellian shipwright, Voren Fallon. Her mother died in childbirth. Lyra grew up in her father’s starship manufacturing plant, and quickly proved herself a technical whiz-kid. Fallon Manufacturing became synonymous with top-of-the-line, intuitive controls.

Voren was extremely proud of his young, beautiful daughter, and frequently took her with him on business trips. To Voren’s constant delight, Lyra quickly mastered whatever she tried her hand at. She developed what some called a “healthy streak of Corellian swagger.”

She was unlucky enough to be with her father on business to Coruscant at the outbreak of the Clone Wars and the tense stand-off between the Jedi and the Senate. She watched the HoloNews coverage of the battle between the Jedi and the Senate guards after the heated debate and branding of the order and their allies as traitors. She watched from the window of her hotel room with horror, as the Clone Toopers march on the Jedi Temple. Seeing the flashes of light of blaster bolts, lightsabers, and explosions on the lower levels.

All ports were on lock down after the battle in the Senate, and among the churning, panicky masses on the streets Lyra watched as her father was gunned down by an assassin who quickly disappeared into the crowds. She was placed into the protective custody of the Twi’lek noble, Nortu Barr. Barr was the toast of Coruscanti socialites for several days as they lauded his humanitarian act.

The talk died down as new gossip became available, and Lyra disappeared from the public eye. Barr kept up appearances at all social functions, but kept his dark secret close to the chest (in public anyway). He had paid a beggar to take care of Voren, and used his political contacts to ensure that the girl would be his. He kept her locked away in his opulent penthouse, using her for his perverse carnal desires. The once happy teen became a broken shell of her former self.

After her first attempt to escape, Barr hired a small mercenary security force. As Barr tried to force himself on her, she cracked. All of the pent-up anger and despair erupted from her as she cried out. As the walls shook and objects in his hidden dungeon began flying through the air, Barr stood in open-mouthed shock. Lyra, acting on instinct, extended her hand toward Barr and he flew into an apparatus he has chained her to so many times before. Eyes blazing, she plucked a shard of crystal from the storm of debris swirling around the room and before Barr realized what was happening, she used the shard to open Barr’s throat.

She collapsed in the chamber, and wept for what seemed to her an eternity. She became aware of her surroundings as the gentle voice of an elderly man spoke softly to her, ensuring her that all would be made right. The man extended a hand to her from his deep red robes and she looked up at her savior. His face was hidden beneath a deep hood, and she shuddered involuntarily. “Give me your hand child” said the stranger, “together we’ll deliver the Galaxy from atrocities such as those you’ve suffered.”

The man helped her up and wrapped her in his dark robes. Lyra noticed she still held the bloodied crystal shard, and as she moved to toss it, the stranger said “Keep it. You will find a use for it again.”

She saw hope for the first time since her father’s murder, as the man led her through the destroyed penthouse, past the mangled remains of Barr’s security force, and out into the chill Coruscant night.

Lyra Fallon - C2

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