• Aiden Coran

    Aiden Coran

    Force sensitive militiaman from Tatooine
  • Kaia D'Aismun

    Kaia D'Aismun

    Member of the Mistryl Shadow Guard, partner of Kira Vellar
  • Kelzorn


    Young Kel Dor Jedi prodigy
  • Kira Vellar

    Kira Vellar

    Mistryl Shadow Guard, partner of Kaia D'Aismun
  • Tykano Ranthor

    Tykano Ranthor

    Human Jedi gifted with an extensive, prophetic Force Vision
  • Drex Onasi

    Drex Onasi

    Deceased : Human Jedi Knight, first master to Ty
  • Fon Kluu

    Fon Kluu

    Miralukan Jedi Knight, Master to Kelzorn
  • Lyra Fallon - C2

    Lyra Fallon - C2

    Force sensitive heiress to the Corellian shipyards of Fallon Manufacturing
  • Mirax Saper

    Mirax Saper

    Jedi Knight, second master to Ty
  • Rinn Tarpil

    Rinn Tarpil

    Unorthodox Jedi Knight, master to Aiden