Prior to the Battle of Geonosis, two young Jedi Padawans wake from vivid dreams. They soon discover that their dreams are identical and are warnings of the future from the Force. They set out to insure that the dark future they have seen does not come to pass; and in the process, set into motion events that may have dire ramifications for their beloved Order and the galaxy as a whole.

House Rules – EXP:
-Exp is calculated at the end of the session, or before a break in a longer session.
-Characters can only gain 1 level at a time (be it per session or if it is decided to take a break mid-session), even if enough exp is earned to level multiple times. Any exp earned over what would be within 300 of the second level is lost.
-Bonus exp can be earned through roleplaying the character, usually in the amount of 1,000 exp per session. This is a bonus and should not be expected.

House Rules – Rule Variants:
– Variant on “Move Object” Force Power
The Use the Force check is to determine the size of object the character can move up to, but does not determine damage. Ex.- A medium sized object does the damage of a medium sized object, even if the check beat the DC to move a colossal sized object. *A Force Point can still be spent in the manner allowed by the Core Rulebook.

-Variant on “Dodge” Feat
Dodge is ran as a passive defense ability, constantly active rather than declared against a specific target.

House Rules – Force Powers/Jedi Talents:
-Force Powers and Talents in the Jedi/Force Talent Trees must be cleared by the GM. This is to add to the RP element of the game, as your character would need an in-game reason how/why they would know how to do something. This is mainly for the more obscure powers/talents.
-In this campaign the path of the Jedi Sentinel is a school of thought that has been abandoned by current orthodox Jedi teachings, as the Sith are thought to have been wiped out. It is knowledge only passed down from a Master who knows it to a worthy student.

Visions in the Force

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